Cari Ann’s Caravan

Are we there yet?

Cari Ann’s Caravan is an epic road trip, complete with Stupid Cancer Meetups and small adventures along the way–with our final stop at CancerCon in Denver, CO.  Our Caravan is transporting 16 young adult cancer survivors, via RV (yes it has seat belts) and SUV, through 5 states.

The idea of a Caravan developed in January of 2015, when Jim & Cari Ann Ford were thinking of ways to get as many patients and survivors to CancerCon as possible. They knew firsthand how powerful and life-changing CancerCon really is, and wanted to make getting there as affordable for attendees as possible. Sadly, Cari Ann passed later that year in August. The Caravan’s name and spirit were in her honor–especially all the fun things planned on the way to CancerCon. Cari Ann really knew how to have fun, and live life like an adventure. We know she’d approve!

We’re traveling to CancerCon–the premiere oncology and social networking event for young adults affected by cancer.  Who attends?  Hundreds of cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, and now medical professionals who want to learn more about what they can do to help us live better lives.  CancerCon is a program of Stupid Cancer, the largest organization supporting the young adult cancer movement.

We’re ready to go. On to CancerCon!

#CariAnnsCaravan #StupidCancer #CancerCon #GetBusyLiving



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